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Started this a while ago but just quickly finished up before I lost inspiration, but YOOOOO this show is SOOO good! In my top 3 for sure! WOW! All the fan art gahh I have so many ideas!! (on deviantART here too [x])

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The sensual touch of the person putting your thumb down in seven up

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Dress by

Date dress!


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getting home and being able to take off your pants more like


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[Gun noises]

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Oh boy, I’m gonna have to start calling him Starlord for the rest of his life.

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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why does this have only one note

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Chris Pratt: New EW Portraits

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Woman: I'm smart
Patriarchy: Well you're probably ugly then
Woman: I'm creative
Patriarchy: You mean unattractive right?
Woman: I have all these incredible accomplishments
Patriarchy: Yeah but look how ugly you looked doing them
Woman: I have value
Patriarchy: Not if you're ugly lol
Woman: I'm conventionally-attractive & posted selfies on my blog
Patriarchy: I'm so sick of these empty-headed chicks only caring about their looks. Just because you are attractive and get attention from men doesn't mean you are special or deserve respect. Why don't you read a book or do something productive with your life you dumb slut
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Reblog if you want a terrible, 3 sentence fan fiction in your ask, based on your url

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EW (and I hope the wife left that dude)

Well she put it up to shame him, I hope she went the whole way and dumped his ungrateful ass.

And as for this girl, she is a dumb shit and it’s just pretty much conformation of that fact. I had no problem cutting ties. I don’t condone or put up with assholes hating on a woman’s right to choose what she does or does not do with her own fucking body.

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